Happy New Years from Hickory!

Greetings one and all!

🚌 In the final week of 2021, we welcomed new resident and recent MAPLE graduate Stephen Torrence. Another MAPLE graduate, Zev Benjamin, was also passing through on his camper van trip across the country.

⛰ Together (minus Aaron, who was recovering from a non-COVID illness), we climbed Hanging Rock, a short but steep hike about an hour's drive away. The views were incredible!

🥳 We celebrated December 31st with an intentional day of relfection, connection, and envisioning. This included journaling, meditation, a special pancake breakfast, and "Interview Walks" where we asked each other about our past year, and hopes for the year ahead.

😢 Finally, on New Years Day we bid goodbye to resident Skylar Gordon Brown, who departed for Mexico to do a solo retreat in the woods for a month or so. He will be missed, but we expect to see him again down the road.

🙏 May you have a loving, healthy, and successful 2022

Stephen, Donna, Skylar, and Zev

( The Gazebo is real )


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