Springing Forth

2022 Weeks 10-14

Greetings! 👋

📅 It's been a while since our last posting. Stephen has been away visiting friends in Austin, Texas during the whole month of March. He's back now, and the weather is significantly warmer than when he left. 🌤

🦌 Donna has been jogging in the mornings, and still spotting many deer in the woods. Tragically, not all the local creatures avoid the hazards of human civilization. She found a lovely owl on the road one day and gave it a proper burial in the woods. 🦉

☀️ Birth and death often come together. Circles of life. Cycles of seasons. We're grateful for this rare and precious chance to be together in all of it, and bring a little more awareness to the beauty in every day. 🌎

Love and Blessings on your week,



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