Rocking Around

2022 Week 4


💎 One morning this week, we carried on a Hickory tradition, creating mandalas with an array of colorful stones. This was an intentional way to reflect on our inner experiences and share them with each other — making the world Within visible Without. In the photos, Aaron's mandala is on the left, Stephen's in the middle, and Donna's on the right. 🎨

🔥 As an appropriate accompaniment to our fireplace meditation, Stephen chanted the Fire Discourse in Pali and English. You can listen to Aaron's recording here and read a transcript of the chant here. 🙏

🤓 Stephen got way into the Enneagram this week. Donna and Aaron are deeply familiar with this unique, dynamic personality mapping system. We find it useful for understanding and transforming the habitual patterns and reactions in ourselves. For those interested, Stephen is a 9wing8, Donna is a 5wing4, Aaron is a 3wing4, Monster is a 7wing8, and Peanut is also a 5wing4. 🙀

🎂 Finally, we had two birthdays! Jared (Aaron and Donna's son) turned 19 and Stephen turned 34. 🥳

Have a warm and blessed week



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