Flourishing Fullness

2022 Week 16

Greetings! 👋

🌤 The weather's been just peachy this week. Balmy nights, sunny days that don't get too hot. Flowers and greenery and pollen everywhere. We're pretty blessed. (and a little sniffly) 🌺

🥳 Good news! "Hopalong" the three-legged deer LIVES. Donna spotted her with a few other deer in the forest the other day. She survived the winter and looks fit as a three-stringed fiddle. 🦌

💀 We contemplated the preciousness of life with a "Death Sangha" meditation by prominent western Buddhist teacher Michael Taft for one of our evening practice sessions. It was pretty metal. 🤘

🐇 Speaking of both life and death, it was Good Friday and Easter Sunday and Passover this week, PLUS a full moon. Wow! If you're one to mark such occasions, we wish you appropriate tidings. 🌕

🙀 Monster gave us a little scare by staying out late on the full moon evening. Thankfully, he's the kind of cat that comes when you call him... and then rolls around on the pavement for no apparent reason. 🐈

🎬 Movie nights the past few weeks have included Richard Linklater's latest gem Apollo 10 1/2, as well as The Best (and Second Best) Exotic Marigold Hotel. Utterly charming dreams to share, they were. 🍿

🛫 Finally, this is Stephen's last week at Hickory for a while. He's off to a meditation retreat with Dharma Gates, before traveling in British Columbia in May and spending June and July at Willow Monastic Academy near Toronto. He's thoroughly grateful for the peace and community of Hickory and will miss Donna, Aaron, Peanut, Monster (and the herons and squirrels and ducks and deer) dearly. 😿

May all your days be full and bright ☀️



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