Blooming Balance

2022 Week 15

 Greetings! 👋

🌺 As the weather keeps warming up, the trees and flowers are peaking in color. We're blessed that our daily woodland excursions are a vibrant feast for the eyes. 🌸

⚖️ On Wednesday morning Donna led us in a moving meditation. She began by informing us that mothers indigenous to West Africa encourage their children with the word "Balance!" when they're first learning to walk. So we moved mindfully in full-bodied grace (as best we could), listening to the ground with our feet and hearing the birds with our legs as we sat. 👂

🏃🏻‍♀️🏃‍♂️ Donna and Stephen have continued jogging in the mornings, and we also all walked together one evening. The geese have been letting us get much closer lately, and leaving many presents to keep us mindful of our footfalls. 💩

🤘 On Saturday, Aaron's band ChaosFM played a show locally, and the whole house went. It was metal, y'all. SO metal. 🎸

🕊 Finally, Monster has been jonesing to catch our feathered friends. Those feline instincts run deep... 😼

Have a beautiful week!

🌹 🙏


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