Circles to Nowhere

2022 Week 1


😅 It's been a busy week here at Hickory.

🌬 As the chill finally descended upon us, a mighty windstorm knocked out our power for a day and a half. We weathered it skillfully, though. Meditating and cooking by candlelight, keeping our fridge items in the garage, and curling up around a warm fire all night, burning branches from the surrounding woods. 🕯

🦦 For our morning walks, we started down a different path into the forest, finding new locations to sit and enjoy the many geese, cormorants, and even otters (!) gracing the shores of the finger lakes. 🦆

⛪️ During our evening practice times, we finished listening to James Finley reading Thomas Merton's Path to the Palace of Nowhere. It was an enlightening and heartening journey. Finley's voice was warm, appreciative, and loving throughout. Highly recommended. ☺️ 

🌀 Stephen introduced the house to the powerful relational meditation practice of Circling over three sessions. Aaron, Donna and their son Jared all participated, and found it very enjoyable and beneficial. ☯

And finally, we launched this website! Yay! 🤓

Love and Blessings 🙏



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